Romakinder in einem Tageszentrum in Tirana, Albanien
Children in a day care center in Albania.
Source: Diözesan-Caritas Tirana-Durres
Areas of funding

Project funding

Since 1993, Renovabis has supported around 23,800 projects in 29 countries in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. Learn more about how we help.

Project funding

An important criterion of project funding is the "partner principle". This means: Renovabis operates where partners ask for assistance for specific projects. Since Renovabis works according to the "partner principle", in general only applications directly submitted from Central and Eastern Europe can be supported.
In the task of promoting projects of the partners in Central and Eastern Europe, Renovabis is guided by the universal Church principles of evangelization and Catholic Social Teaching. Another central feature is the partnership approach of Renovabis: Renovabis sees itself as an action of solidarity with the people in the East, not only for them. That's why we want to advance ourselves with the partners and always consider what is important to them. Renovabis wants all Christians and all people of good will in Central and Eastern Europe to work for the renewal of their society, for reconciliation, justice and peace.

Projects which directly benefit people

Gruppenbild der Gemeindemtiglieder von St. Raphael vor dem Altar der Kapelle.
Chapel construction in Usolje, Russia: The former grocery store, where divine services were celebrated, was barely heated, and in winter too cold for longer encounters.
Source: Catholic Parish of St. Raphael, Usolje / Russia
Landbewohner Albaniens bereiten Pilze für den Verkauf vor.
The Church is involved in the field of regional development in the structurally weak mountainous regions of northern Albania.
Source: Dr. Tom Preku

Areas of funding

Pastoral work
for example, pastoral tasks, pastoral care for young people, pastoral care for families, prison chaplaincy, training of priests, religious and catechists
Pastoral infrastructure
for example, construction and renovation of churches, parish centers, seminaries
Social tasks
for example, construction and equipment of orphanages, working with street children, promotion of facilities for the disabled and nursing homes, operation of social and hospice facilities, programs for the protection of life and family, holiday camps for needy children, aid projects for victims of trafficking in women
Promotion of structures of laity
for example, training courses for lay people, support of supra-diocesan networks, coordinators of youth and family work, promotion of church association work
School education and vocational training
for example, promotion of schools and vocational training centers in church sponsorship, training workshops, training grants, support of universities, study and language grants
Media work
for example, training of journalists, promotion of Christian media
Emergency aid
for example: Help for refugees, help in case of natural disasters

Project funding at a glance

In 2019, Renovabis funded 653 projects for EUR 28.9 million. The following table gives an overview of the number of projects and the amount of approved funding, country by country, in 2019.

LänderProjektanzahlbewilligte Mittel in Mio. Euro
Albania222.109.695,00 €
Armenia10840.349,00 €
Azerbaijan16.600,00 €
Bosnia and Herzegovina81.841.020,00 €
Bulgaria9248.330,00 €
Estonia6132.000,00 €
Georgia5878.500,00 €
Kazakhstan22778.930,00 €
Kyrgyzstan5130.450,00 €
Kosovo5318.500,00 €
Croatia11707.700,00 €
Latvia561.850,00 €
Lithuania13328.780,00 €
Northern Macedonia6418.880,00 €
Republic of Moldova7521.230,00 €
Montenegro2100.000,00 €
Poland23964.550,00 €
Romania391.554.130,00 €
Russia391.753.200,00 €
Serbia8335.000,00 €
Slovakia16779.100,00 €
Slovenia461.200,00 €
Tajikistan125.000,00 €
Czech Republic18801.770,00 €
Turkmenistan15.000,00 €
Ukraine584.319.830,00 €
Ungarn16518.212,59 €
Usbekistan427.800,00 €
Belarus361.867.820,00 €
Transnational projects601.615.401,40 €
material supports for priests631.974.540,00 €
Total projects63628.137.097,02 €

The number of projects includes 63 material supports and 126 scholarships projects.
Material supports are monthly grants to the living costs of priests and deacons in diaspora areas. Renovabis gives grants as study and training grants for priests, seminarians, religious and lay people from the countries of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.
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